Rural Tourism

At Herdade da Diabrória you have the possibility to have a more direct and genuine contact with nature, agriculture and local traditions, through private and family hospitality in a rural environment.

Here you will find a quiet and peaceful location. Perfect for nature lovers, fans of meditation, early birds longing to see the sun rise with clear skies and fresh air and night owls who like to wander the starry sky or enjoy a good drink while having a long talk through the night.

Outside the pool is based on a platform that looks like a balcony overlooking the lake, with a beautiful and calming view over the plain. Throughout the property, animals cheer the scene up: several goats, horses, ducks, chickens are the delight of adults and children.

Tourist Road Map

From the Herdade da Diabrória, you can visit the regional museum in Beja, the Castle Main Tower with 40 meters high and several churches.

You can also visit the Roman Villa Pisões which is about 8 kms.

Or even know the 'Rota do Fresco' ( in Vidigueira, Portel, Cuba, Alvito.

On the left margin of the Guadiana, nearby, you can know the great lake Alqueva, Moura, Serpa, Mértola and its archaeological field.

Throughout this region you can enjoy the excellent and diverse cuisine and taste the wonderful wine from Alentejo.

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